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 These pots would look great at the doorway of your dollhouse or on the porch or patio.. 

 Any pot, indoor or out, can be "ready to plant", with "soil", but add $3.00 to the price of each pot in that case.

 Be sure to look at the "More Minis" page to see the Garden Furniture and the Oriental Collection



         Click on any picture to see a larger version.

2-1/4" Square Marble Finish Urns, Plain (Order # A1) and Carved (Order # A2)

These urns are also available in Pink Quartz "Stone" (Order # A3) or Granite (Order # A4)

In Plain Marble - $12.00

                         In Carved Marble - $16.00

                         In Stone - $8.00


2-1/8" Round Marble Finish Pedestal Urn (Order # D1)

These urns are also available in Pink Quartz Stone finish (Order # D2) or Granite (Order # D3)

In Marble - $10.00

                          In Stone - $8.00



 Swan in Pink Quartz Stone finish (Order # G1) or Granite finish (Order # G2)

  $7.00 each




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