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Outdoor Furniture

 Table in Pink Quartz finish (Order # J1) or Granite finish (Order # J2)

 Stool in Pink Quartz finish (Order # J3) or Granite finish (Order # J4)

  Tables - $14.00 each

                           Stools - $8.00 each


 Bird Bath in Pink Quartz finish (Order # J5) or Granite finish (Order # J6)

$13.00 each


Oriental Collection

 Bench in Granite finish (Order # J11)

$18.00 each


1-3/4" Round Pot in Granite finish with Fish Carving  (Order # J10)

$11.00 each


Bonsai Plant in Granite finish Planter (Order # J12)

$25.00 each


 Limited Edition Item

 Tiny Jade finish Pot with removable top. (Order #K1)

 There are only five of these items in existence.

  $11.00 each  




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